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Bold accepts clients from various organizations and agencies as well as self pay.

Clients are assisted in addressing key issues critical to the maintenance of a recovery plan through an integrated approach utilizing evidence-based counseling methods in combination with other treatment modalities and strategies.

Case Management: 
In addition to clinical services, Bold Recovery offers case management services to all clients. 

Expertise &

Areas of Focus

  • Mental Health

  • Individual & Group Counseling

  • Substance Use Counseling

  • Drug & Alcohol Education

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Anger Management

  • Criminal-Addictive Thinking

  • Socialization

  • Intra & Interpersonal Skills Development

  • 290/SO Treatment

  • Case Management Services

Support Group
Support group


  • Individual Therapy - $150 per 1 hour session

  • Group Therapy - $100 per 1 hour session

  • Individual 290/SO Treatment - $350 per 1 hour session

  • DOT SAP Assessment - $750 per 1 hour

Case Management

Case Management is a collaborative process beginning with an assessment of an individual’s strengths and challenges. Bold will create transition plans, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate the options and services required to meet an individual’s needs, using available resources to promote a successful reentry after incarceration.

Bold’s Philosophy of Case Management
Case management is one of the key components to a successful transition from prison to community, we support the step-down process, from Prison to Residential, then to Sober living coupled with outpatient services.  While in O/P - Our team works diligently to secure resources. When an individual reaches independence, becomes self-supporting, and resilient, everyone benefits. 

Our Returning citizens are introduced to a variety of supportive services that meet specific needs. Case management serves as a means for achieving client health, wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, education, employment, housing, identification of service resources and service facilitation.

In partnership with the client, a holistic transition plan that in addition to ensuring basic needs are met, also includes an educational and career plan. The case manager will provide a friendly referral.  However, the case manager will continue to monitor and track the progress of the referral outcome. The Bold Recovery case management team also visits, and tours facilities to secure collaborative services for our returning citizens.

We are proud to share that 80% of our clients are placed in suitable housing, employment, college, and reunited with family.

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